Human Resources

  • The Company realizes that Human Resources play an important role as its strategic partner in accomplishing the sustainable vision, mission and objectives of the Company. Without Human Resources support, all programs and operating procedure would not applicable. The Company also believe that each employee was bestowed unique potential and talent to contribute for the Company's growth.

    Therefore, the Company's have ongoing commitment to build and enhance the Human Resources system and policies. The Company's also continuously strive to improve its Human Resources capabilities with provide wide opportunity for employees to develop their competency both technical and non technical through training program both external and internal in order to get a competent and qualified Human Resources. The Company also tried to integrate the capabilities of each employee into a powerful and synergistic collaboration.


    Development of Human Resources ability in 2020, includes orientation for new employees, as well as technical and management training for all employees. Beside that, the Company also provides the opportunity for employees to participate in various trainings and seminars organized by external parties or agency. The program was selected based on the needs employees' development to improve Company's performance.

    Moreover, the Company always strive to prepare potential person to its continuity by conducting continuous assessment and coaching in order to make employees ready to occupy the key positions. The Company also do the recruitment process which conducted on a selective basis to get skill full, professional and high integrity human resources.

    The Company actively strives to improve safe and healthy work condition for its employees and creates a healthy, safe and conductive working environment, among others by empowering its employee to participate in training and workshop of safety, Quality Management System, Health and Environment Management (K3L), either held internally or externally.

    In 2020, the Company has succeeded to keep its International certification in environmental management system ISO 14001, Quality Management system ISO 9001 and an International certification in safety management system OHSAS 18001.

    Career Development

    The Company always upholds the quality of opportunity for all its employees, every employee is treated in a professional and fair manner to show their performance in order to develop and improve their career. The
    Company does not discriminate its employees based on ethnics, races, religions, genders and physical condition. The Company will assess the performance of employees as a basis for employee's career rise.

    The Company management constantly attempts to assign its employees in position accordance with their ability, expertise and skills. In order to monitor the conformity of the position with employee's ability and performance, the Company periodically evaluates employees performance. The evaluation results will be used as consideration in the placement of the employee's position, promotions, and other benefits.

    Employees Communication

    In order to improve communication between employees and the Company, various policies, regulations and procedures are directly announced to employees through direct meeting with employees, announcements and publication of Company's regulations.

    In accordance with Labor Law and to create a harmonious working relationship between the company and employees, the UIC has established a Labor Union-Chemical, Energy and Mines (SP-KEP) that conviction was recorded in office of Dinas Sosial Tenaga Kerja Cilegon No. Kep. 02.1/OP-SP_KEP/DFT/04/VII/XX/2001 on June 17, 2001.

    SP-KEP is an institution that facilitate communication between employees and the Company, in delivering their aspirations so as to enhance a good work and business climate.

    The Company also strives to creates comfortable, safe and conductive working environment based on trust and open communication at every level of organization.

    Employees Appreciation

    As appreciation to its employees, the Company attempts to provide employees welfare in the form of various social, financial and psychological benefits that include:

    • A pension fund which is managed by Unggul Indah Cahaya Pension Fund;
    • Medical check-up for all employees periodically and medical benefits for employees and their families;
    • Providing sports facilities for employees in the workplace;
    • Bonus and promotions;
    • Soft loan program;
    • Special award suited to working period, respectively;
    • Yearly employee and family gathering in order to strengthen the relationship between management, employees and their families.

    To ensure competitive compensation to employees in line with the business world, every year the company always evaluate the compensation system of salaries, allowances and other facilities.


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