• Resignation of Company's Head of Internal Audit Unit
    Hereby, we announce the resignation of Mr. Henry Lamlo as the Company's Head of Internal Audit Unit effective on May 12, 2017. Meanwhile, prior to his replacement, the duties, authorities and responsibilities of the Head of the Internal Audit Unit are directly under the Company's President Director.

    • Appointment of Head of Internal Audit Unit
    Mr. Muratno, Indonesian Citizen, 46 years old, graduated from University of Indonesia in 2002. Joined the Company since february 01, 2018 as Head of Internal Audit Unit. Previously, he was served as Internal Auditor PT Media Televisi indonesia (Metro TV) in 2005-2008, then as Internal Auditor PT Kanzen Motor Indonesia in 2008-2009 and served as Internal Auditor PT Istana Agro Kencana (Sanken Group) in 2009-2018.

    • Disclosure of Material Informations or Facts - Land Selling of Company's Subsidiary
    Albright & Wilson Australia Limited,a subsidiary, sold its land located in Melbourne, Australia to Steel Cement Pty. Ltd., third party. Both parties signed the Contract on September 27, 2018 with a transaction value of AUD 24 million.
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