Business Prospect and Strategy
  • Indonesia is a good potential market for the growth of detergent industry. Its total population of around 273 million people in 2021 and with level of detergent usage per capita relatively lower than other countries. Can provide high potential market for the growth of UIC and its subsidiaries in the future.

    The huge potential of domestic market has drawn attention of international players to enter domestic Alkylbenzene market. The import of Alkylbenzene and its derivatives products mostly are subject to 0 (zero)% import duty. Other challenges are the global economic recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, supply constraints and limited energy, the potential for an increase in the global inflation rate, uncertainties that can have an impact on declining global demand and world
    crude oil prices which can lead to price instability of raw material and product selling price.

    Facing these challenges, the Company implemented the following strategies:

    • Growing together with customers by being a reliable business partners;

    • Improving customer satisfaction by providing a commitment to quality, quantity and competitive prices while maintaining the Company's profitability;

    • Improving the business synergies with subsidiaries;

    • Conducting integration into upstream industry, Normal Paraffin to maintain the availability of raw materials at a competitive cost;

    • Maintaining the stability of plant utilization that allows the Company to reduce overall production costs, to increase the efficiency of raw materials, fuel and electricity consumption. This will be developed through the optimization of plant operation and implementation of production process modifications along with technical know-how of license owners and the Company's in-house engineers.

    Despite focusing on domestic market potential, the Company endevours to achieve a strong position in the international market, by continuing to expand and explore every export opportunity.

    Since the beginning of 2020, the whole world has experienced events that have shaken the lives of humankind, that is the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic globally, including in Indonesia. This pandemic has had a significant impact on all aspects of people's lives, both economically, socially and culturally. Among the many negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are also quite positive impacts, namely the public is becoming more concerned with health and personal hygiene and the environment, so that indirectly it has a positive impact on the sales of the Company's products which are engaged in cleaning products.

    Storage warehouses which are located in Merak, Banten and Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, are ready to serve clients all over Indonesia. The availability of 16 MT up to 27 MT fleet ready to deliver goods on time is one of the Company's competitive advantage to expedite the customers production process and to reduce their storage costs.

    In property sector, land available for development with area of 1.4 hectares is strategically located in Jakarta central business district.

    With the bright business prospects, business strategies, competitive advantages and long experiences, we are confident in facing challenges in the future. and deliver satisfactory results for stakeholders.


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